Triton’s trumpet – rare and beautiful

The attractive spindle-shaped house of the Triton's trumpet is considered one of the most beautiful in the sea, but in the past it also brought them many problems.
Although we have already dived quite a large part of our coast, we rarely had the opportunity to meet one of the largest and rarest snails of the Adriatic – Triton’s trumpet.
This time we found the giant snail on the island of Vis, more precisely at the location of Gnjilina, and not only was it alive, but it also decided to pose fearlessly in front of Damir’s camera. He waddled lazily along the reef, observing the world around him with a pair of tentacles and two tiny eyes.
Charonia tritonis, as this giant snail is scientifically called, was quite heavy, probably around a kilogram, which makes it one of the larger specimens of its kind. In tropical seas, they can grow over half a meter in length. In the Adriatic, their size ranges up to about 45 cm.